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The word "Azimuth" is used in navigation and denotes an angle from a fixed reference like true north.  Historically the word also meant "the way" or "the path". The Azimuth Quest Foundation uses the word intentionally; to remind everyone of our core mission to help young people set their direction in life through outdoor adventure education.

Sponsoring the Challenge Program, coming to Prescott High School, Fall 2019!

Comments from Azimuth Quest board members, and former participants and leaders of the Challenge Program:

"Developing self-reliance and being inspired by time in the wilderness should be part of every High Schooler's education.  I'm grateful Challenge was part of my teenage years"

* * * *

"Learning to meet life's challenges, fostering team spirit, connecting with the natural world and play! All of this is at the core of this incredible program. It's needed now more than ever."

* * * *

"Challenge was the thing my teenage self was looking for and needed. I thought it was a chance to explore the great outdoors; little did I know that it was also the thing that would help me grow and develop confidence and resilience."

* * * *

"As one of Challenge's early leaders, I learned much about leadership and life that still guides me today. "

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